Selling a Property

As an expert in the Las Vegas Valley, I'm familiar with the ever-changing market conditions and trends. This is crucial in understanding the TRUE value of your home and how to use that information to get the most profit for you.

Selling a property is not as easy as it looks. It takes preparation before, proper positioning during and thorough follow-up after.
There are three key areas to consider when preparing a property for sale...


Properly preparing a home for sale makes a huge difference in the impression left with potential buyers. Our agents will council you on how to properly prepare your home to have the best effect when being shown so YOU can net the most money possible. We have access to home stagers, professional photographers, inspectors, repair professionals and more. Contact us to have us optimize YOUR property for sale!


Pricing a property correctly at the start can make the difference of thousands of dollars to the bottom line. We carefully examine all the available data and make recommendations based on current market conditions. Price it too high and you could sit on the market too long and bet a "stigma" that something is wrong with your house. Too low and you miss out on well-earned equity. Click here for more on pricing considerations...


Marketing and exposure are crucial in getting top dollar. We utilize all the tools in our tool box starting with putting your property in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) so all other Real Estate Professionals can show the buyers they already have. Then we put it in all the prominent national listing sites. Then we design a custom marketing plan to go along with all that. Contact us for more info. on how we can help you get the most for YOUR property!